May 29, 2011








Table for Rainy Season: 'Enjoying the moist'
Rainy season in this year started earlier than that of in regular seasons, which is usually around June 15.
Japanese character of ‘Rainy Season’ is ’Japanese plum’ and ‘rain’ in Kanji. This is based on Rainy season is coming
at the same timing as bearing a lot of Japanese plum fruit. How beautiful it is! We have decided to enjoy rainy
moist season rather than gloomy mood. I have invited my girlfriends, four of them, to my place. The gathering started
from early evening seeing the non-stop rain. The atmosphere was very romantic in the darkness with only candle lights.
Drinks are only Japanese sake including plum wine, sparkling sake, ginjyo, daiginjyo, etc. It was just like spending
eternity and with a lot of drinks and pleasant talk in the close easy relationships. That was the relaxed moment that
I was very happy being in this world. Please make a plan for getting rid of this gloomy weather.
On the Table Today, enjoy ‘pleasant talk with your close girl friends’.



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