June 13, 2011

父の日のテーブル: アジアンテイスト







Father’s Day: Ethnic Style
Although Father’s Day is a week away, I have decided to create a ‘Father’s Day’ table setting. My father lived in
Indonesia for a longtime, there were many ethnic types of goods in my parents’ house when I was a child.
Tones of them!
When I visited him in Indonesia, he jumped into the ocean whenever he felt ‘HOT’. For me, he seemed not having
any stress at all. Today I have invited my father for Father’s Day dinner. This table coordination is for him to present
entire his life based on my love whom I can’t see anymore. He should be happy by knowing that I am still thinking
about him a lot, then as a result, I would be happy too.Since he was a kind of demanding father, I admit that
I had rebellious sprit; however, it is a good memory by now.
On the Table Today, have a good time with your father 'expressing your hearty thanks’ .



by miwakoda | 2011-06-13 06:33 | テーブルコーディネート Total

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