June 21, 2011


ローズマリーは、大変クールで清涼感があり、染み通るような強烈な香りが印象的です。父の日のテーブル(June 13, 2011)では、ドライローズマリーとフレッシュローズマリー、これだけで部屋中ちょっとしたスパイス系の香りで一杯なのに、ローズマリーのお香をたいてみました。さわやかな香りだけれど、少し強すぎたみたい。




皆さまも、是非試してみてね。 フレッシュな香りとアンチエイジングとの相乗効果が得られますよ!


Father’s Day: Aroma ‘Anti-Aging’
Aroma of Rosemary is penetratingly strong with coolness and freshness. On the table for Father’s Day (June13, 2011)
the room was very occupied the aroma with dry rosemary and fresh rosemary. That was enough spicy smell in
the room, but in addition that, I used a Rosemary incense. This was very fresh flavor but was a little too much.
Rosemary plays a very important role not only as a beautiful fragrance but also good as an anti-aging ingredient.
Elisabeth I, in Hungarian Queen back in the Middle Age, used the Hungarian water as skin refresher made
by Rosemary.Although she turned over 70 years old, she could maintain her youth because of that water, as a result,
she was proposed the 40-year-old prince of Poland. This is something we need! Please enjoy Rosemary not only
as room fragrance, but also as skin refresher, body lotion with rosemary essence with carrier oil such as olive oil
and Jojoba oil. Please try it, so you will be able to get both fresh air and anti-aging effects.
On the Table Today, enjoy its ‘synergetic effect by fresh air and anti-aging’



by miwakoda | 2011-06-21 06:22 | 香り Aroma

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