July 3, 2011


July 2, 2011にご紹介したオーストリア・ハプスブルグ家の姫君たちが憧れたのは、細川元首相の先祖にあたる「細川ガラシャ」さま。






Table for Azuchi Momoyama Period: Dearest Ms. Garashya Hosokawa
The princesses of Hapsburg in Austria, introduced in July 2, 2011, admired and respected Garashya Hosokawa who
was the ancestor of the former Prime Minister, Hosokawa. Her life is also a full of ups and downs life compare favorably
with European princesses. Her husband Tadaoki Hosokawa, who loved her deeply, was extremely jealous about men
around her. It is said that a gardener who was killed by Hosokawa because he had a conversation with Garashya.
Meanwhile, Garashya had a very firm attitude. For example when she was almost raped by the husband’s boss,
Hideyoshi Toyotomi, she refused by just about killing herself. Before the battle of Sekigahara, when Mitsunari Ishida’s
soldiers, her husband’s enemy, surrounded her residence, Garcia ordered a chief official to stab her in the chest. I think
that she was too young to die, only 38years old. This is like in Japanese period dramas, isn’t it? Like the number of
stars, there is much different types of love relationships in this world. She was baptized and became Garashya,
therefore, she could accept her husband’s ego love and her martyr's death. I believe that she could have done because
she also loved him very much. Garashya’s life became an Opera called ‘The firm attitude princess’ was seen by the
princesses in Hapsburg. Garashya lived in Azuchi-Momoyama period. In this period, table was gorgeous using many
gold and silver kotate (dish ornaments). Before and after battles, a special ceremony called ‘Sankon’ was held. This
ceremony consisted of three cups of sake served on small. This is ‘Sankon ceremony’ can be seen in ‘Sansankudo’,
the traditional Shinto wedding ceremony still practiced in Japan. Garachyia must wish the safe of Tadaoki before
his battle and/or enjoy some relaxed time with him during the meal.
On the Table Today, think of a ‘historical couple’.



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