July 4, 2011

七夕のテーブル: 『ひさびさの熱い夜』







TANABATA (The Star Festival): Long Time No See, so Hot Night, PLEASE
According to Chinese legend, a god separated a pair of stars that were lovers. Because the Weaver (Vega) was so
Love sick for the Cowherd (Altair) she neglected her weaving, so the god put the Milky Way between them. The Weaver
and the Cowherd are still in love and are allowed to see across the Milky Way once a year, on July 7. Don’t you think
how pity it is…….I don’t have such a bitter experience like Cinderella Express, an old advertisement of JR in Japan, it
must be hard to maintain long distance love relationships. I have decided to create a TANABATA table thinking of the
Weaver and the Cowherd for let them have a sweet and hot night. They can’t see often, their seats are beside each
other so that they can give them a long look closely as well as hold their hands. For tonight, regarding my real life, I will
have also spent a nice night with my partner. I may be able to say something special words in a romantic mood by pink
candles. You also might be very busy and can’t have a quality and relaxed time with your partner. Please have a
sweet and hot night for the Weaver and Cowherd.
On the Table Today, have a ‘hot night’ with your special one.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-04 05:57 | テーブルコーディネート Total

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