July 7, 2011

七夕のテーブル:ファーストセッティング 『ストライクゾーンへ』

七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)のファーストセッティングでは、萌木色の折敷に色ガラスの三色の星くずをかざりました。それぞれの色がきらきらしてきれい。



『天の川 相向き立ちて わがこひし 君来ますなり 紐解き設けな(天の川に向かってずっと思いをつのらせていた、ほら、もうすぐ彼がくるみたい。紐をほどいておかなくちゃ。)』




TANABATA (The Star Festival): First Setting ‘To Strike Zone’
TANABATA (The Star Festival): First Setting ‘To Strike Zone’
As the first setting on TANABATA Table (July 4, 2011), three colors with shinny glass are on the yellow-green place
mat. It is so beautiful glittering in the light. This is summer, so Nasu no nibitashi (boiled eggplant with soup) on the
glass-made bamboo leaf plate is prepared. Wishing for TANABATA is also included bing thankful for a good harvest
of summer vegetables. Its welcome drink is handmade plum wine by the Weaver. Beside the plate, there are
Washi as strips of quiet colored papers for their wished on. What would they wish about? A waka poetry by
Yamanoue no Okura in the early 1500s expressed the feelings of the Weaver. ‘Amanokawa Aimukitachite Wagakoishi
Kiminkimasunari Himotokimakena. (I have been ardently in love with and dying to see the Cowherd toward the Milky
Way. Now he is coming to visit me, so I have to take off my band.)’ The poet gave a description of the Weaver’s
girl’s mind who has been waiting for the moment with an excited heart beat. The band of the clothes indicates in their
own heart, which is a proof of love. Expressing her straight and deep feelings must get in touch with the Cowherd’s
feelings. I believe that a dream comes true if you wish harder. Please jot off your straight wishes enjoying TANABATA
On the Table Today, pitch a ‘Straight Ball’.



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