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TANABATA (Star Festival): Figure ‘Goshiki Somen (Five-color Japanese vermicelli)

When I was a child, my mother told me that you could play after you totally complete the things that you should.’ Or,
if you are a mother now, you might tell your children the same phrase. Putting aside their deep love from now, that is
a famous story that TANABATA has started based on the Weaver’s attitude neglecting her weaving because she was
so lovesick. Meanwhile, people wish proficiency in writing for men and that in sewing for women in TANABATA.
Therefore, when I was a child, I drew on a strip of paper, ‘I would be smarter!’ Those five color combination is told to
remove the negative vibes, there is also a tradition to eat Goshiki Somen at TANABATA day. Goshiki Somen, having
370year-history, is produced in Matsuyama, which is famous of Dogo hot springs. Notable people such as Chikamatsu
Monzaemon and Masaoka Shiki loved it very much prizing not only the taste but also beautiful figure as if dancing heat
haze. I think that Goshiki Somen looks so pretty. It must be fun making slurping noises while eating together.
Thinking above that, I prepare for Goshiki Somen for the graceful silver bowls, not cold Somen, hot one called ‘Newmen’.
Try ‘Newmen’ in this hot summer.
On the Table Today, be hot both your mind and body.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-08 06:12 | フィギュア Figure

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