July 9, 2011

七夕のテーブル:お酒 『ロマンティックなカリフォルニアワイン』

なんとなく、好んで飲むお酒きまっているでしょ。新世界のワインが好き。ぶどうの品種ごとにわかれていてわかりやすいし、フランスのような伝統がない分、いろんなイノベーションの真髄を楽しめるから。特にカリフォルニアのナパバレーのワインは素晴らしいです! カリフォルニアのワインは、パリ対決で2回もフランスのワインに勝った歴史もあるんだよ。

七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)では、甘々の織姫にちなんで、こんな素敵なブランデーボトルのようなカリフォルニアのロゼワインを飲みました。これは『ゴッドファーザー』で有名なフランシス・フォード・コッポラのナパバレーのワイナリーのものです。





TANABATA (Star Festival): Drink ‘Romantic California Wine’
Without any big reason, however, you must have favorable kind of drinks. I do like wine made in the New World.
It is easy to understand because wine is based on a single kind of grape. I also enjoy their innovative ideas
since they do not need to stick in the history like France. Especially, Napa Valley in California provides excellent
wines! California’s wine won at Paris encounter twice. On the TANABATA table (July 4, 2011), I selected one of the
best California Rose wines with a neat bottle like stick in based on the sweet & sweet Weaver’s feelings.
This is from a winery of Francis Ford Coppola, whose movie is so famous called ‘the Godfather’, in Napa Valley.
Such a romantic, sweet shape and color wine is named ‘Sofia’ on the etiquette. Sofia is his daughter who directed
the Academy Awarded movie called ‘Lost in Translation’ in 2003. You might see the movie described loneliness at
a high-end hotel in Tokyo along with Shinjuku from the non-Japanese stand point of view. This was very unique and
fresh description about Japan. This, romantic wine bottle with sexy and cute etiquette, is one way of
an expression of father’s love. Feeling and enjoying lots of love at TANABATA, I believe the shy Weaver also
had a great time on the cloud at gloomy TANABATA night.
On the Table Today, express your love with ‘Romantic California Wine’.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-09 07:04 | お酒 Drink

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