July 10, 2011


七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)では、織姫さまのかわいらしさを思い、キュートな丸いボトルのOGO(オゴ)という酸素水を選びました。







TANABATA (Star Festival): Water ‘Chubby’
On the TANABATA table (July 4, 2011), thinking about the cute Weaver, I have selected OGO Oxygen water with
its cute chubby bottle. Oxygen water is added additional oxygen to regular water. Oxygen is saying that it helps
blood flow smoothly, When you are tired, on diet, have stress and/or want to focus, it also help you. At that night,
we drank a red OGO Oxygen sparkling water. It is very easy to drink with middle-hard water (165) containing minerals.
Sparkling was not too strong as well. The water was extracted from Tilburg of Holland and was added 35times of
Oxygen, is one of the best Oxygen waters in the world that advertising said. It captured my mind and make me thought
that I might be get result after continuously drink that water. But more over what it impacted on me was the concept of
the bottle that is no need to have glass. That is made by ORA-ITO, a recent hot product designer in France. This
bottle is a pet bottle type but seems like glass beauty, which is small and stylish. It is so cute being on the table so
you do not need a glass. Please try it. If you do not like sparkling water, there is still water available.
On the Table Today, be with stylish and cute water.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-10 05:19 | お水 Water

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