July 11, 2011




イランイランのうっとりとするような香の効能は、本来の女性性を解き放ち、官能的な高揚感を感じ、かつ、安心感を与えてくれるというから、July 7の山上億良(やまのうえのおくら)の和歌にもってこいでじゃない。織姫さまの夜にはこれしかない、と。

アロマ関連のお店でいいなと思うブランドのひとつに、MARKS &WEBがあります。オーガニックのコンセプトとシンプルなデザインが好きです。この夜使ったアロマライトは、お水をはって電気で拡散させるタイプです。あっという間に「花の中の花」の香が広がりました。



TANABATA (Star Festival): Aroma ‘The Flower in Flowers’
What a sexy nickname ‘The Flower in Flowers is. This is like the same meaning as ‘the man among men’or ‘the women
in women’, which is one of the best complements, isn’t it? The beautiful nickname is for Cananga odorata which smell
is very sweet and makes us feel in exotic south countries. This ravishingly beautiful smell is good for releasing your
femininity, building an uplifting arousing feeling and being filled with a sense of ease. This is the one for the Weaver’s
night as Yamanoue no Okura’s poet on July 7. One of my favorite Aroma stores is called MARKS&WEB. I like their
organic concept and simple design. I used an electric type of aroma light diffuser with water for the night from the shop.
The smell of ‘The Flower in Flowers’ is diffused in a moment at that night. This aroma is also told to have effect on
firming the skin, so this would be a strong supporter of mature women. Try it.
On the Table Today, be with the ravishingly beautiful smell.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-11 06:23 | 香り Aroma

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