July 17, 2011

ゆっくりできる昼下がりに『ゆるゆる』と:白金 バーガーマニア








‘Yuru yuru' in a midafternoon: Burger Mania in Shirogane
If you do not know or use the words with “‘yuru yuru’ on the weekend” or “is it ‘pane~’?”, you must be my age.
Thank you very much! Among young people, those words are often used. ‘Yuru yuru’ means spend the relaxed time
while ‘pane~’ means the abbreviation of ‘hanpa jya nai’ (this is awesome.) The next morning after having so much fun
and drinking too much, I usually want to eat miso soup or udon while one of my American friends kept saying that she
would like to eat hamburger. I think that people tend to want to eat your mother tongue food at hangover time. I have
gone so many amazingly delicious hamburger restaurants with the American friend in Japan. Recent weather is so nice
after the rainy season, you might go out often. Why don’t you enjoy a midafternoon walk and have a hamburger with
‘yuru yuru’ when you have a plenty time. A small burger place called Burger Mania that is located near Kitazato
University. The place is a cozy, cute and fun to be there. You can take your dog as well. After enjoying a midafternoon
walk in sunlight, you would be happy with a well baked hamburger and beer, which should be the best moment.
I like avocado burger, which is ‘pane~’. Today is a good sunny weekend, enjoy your midafternoon walk and stroll into
the place.
On the Table Today, enjoy ‘yuru yuru’ once in a while.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-17 07:51 | レストラン Restaurant

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