July 18, 2011








Porcelain (the 20th) wedding anniversary: ‘European semi-casual’
One of my girlfriends is getting have the porcelain wedding anniversary, which is the 20th times wedding anniversary.
So we arranged to celebrate their anniversary. I asked her what kind of table they would like to. She requested that
It would be my taste as well as not too formal. I have thought for a while and decided to create a transparent ‘European
semi-casual’ style for the memorial time since she love Europe very much. I have picked all items from Europe.
The tone is pale and transparent in blue color group while its design is simple considering her refreshingly frank
character. The 20th anniversary called as porcelain wedding anniversary in Japan is the same amount of the time that
a baby becomes 20 years old since. This anniversary is couple’s coming-of-age ceremony. It must not have been only
good things for 20 years. Congratulations from my bottom of heart on their anniversary for being together with the
good health. Please celebrate your friends’ anniversaries. It must be fun.
On the Table Today, make a toast to ‘the couple’s coming-of-age ceremony’.



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