July 20, 2011


磁器婚式のテーブル(July 18, 2011)は、アクセントカラ―の黄色で夏のイメージをだしたかったから、お花はひまわりを選びました。ひまわりは、いまは色々な種類があります。今回使ったのは、小ぶりのひまわりで、薄い黄色と濃い目の黄色のひまわりを各組み合わせてみました。今は八重のひまわりもあるんだよ。


ニコライバーグマンの花器に一目ぼれをして買ってしまったのは、父の日のテーブル(June16, 2011)で紹介した備長炭のシリンダーに次いでなのだけれど、北欧のデザインってなんて素敵なんでしょう。洗練されていて、かっこいい!ってかんじ。



Porcelain (the 20th) wedding anniversary: Flower ‘having style’
By the way, why we call it ‘porcelain’ wedding anniversary? Compared to ‘silver wedding’ (the 25th) and ‘golden
wedding’ (the 50th),its marriage life is shorter and facing some possibilities of fragile and could be a chance to break up.
Kidding aside, on the table of porcelain wedding anniversary (July 18, 2011), I aimed to show summer feeling by using
yellow color on flower. There is a quite variety of sunflowers in these days. I have used vivid yellow sunflowers and
light tone one. Even eightfolded type sunflowers are getting popular. The vase, which shape is unique, smooth and
elegant figure were bought in the Nicolai Bergman Nomu Café. When I had a coffee, I got my eye on it. I do like the
shape like hips. Since this is handmade, the shapes were slightly different so I carefully selected three vases and
decorated three of them. I bought cylinder type vase with charcoal for father’s table on June 16 at the same shop.
I think that North European are so cool and sophisticated. This sophisticated vase was put on the glass board to the
difference in height from other items showed their presence.
On the Table Today, pick the ‘sophisticated’ item.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-20 06:16 | お花 Flower

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