July 23, 2011



磁器婚式のテーブル(July 18, 2011)は、ヨーロッパのアイテムでというコンセプトだったのですが、出身地が同じだと色のトーンやシェープが合わせやすいという最大の利点があります。







Porcelain (the 20th) wedding anniversary: Figure ‘Favorite Items’
‘1) make sure the reason why you need it before purchasing; 2) when you buy one, you throw away one to keep only
appropriate number; and 3) gather the things you really like.’ This is the lessons that I got after attending ‘the class of
organized & storage’. Not easy to discipline myself, however I think that I can execute with No.3. The concept of
the table of porcelain wedding anniversary (July 18, 2011) was to create the table using only European items. One
big benefit to use products from the same routes or areas is to coordinate easily in terms of color tone and shape.
One of my favorite figures is the yellow green salt and peppermill that is so pretty color and easy to use. This is made
by PEUGEOT, a French car brand. Their color combination is very unique that we don’t see much in Japan. I hope you
like it as well. The bowl like saucepan with Melba toast is called Picnic Series from RORSTRAND that I bought in a
antique shop in Sweden. In addition, the vivid blue color plate with fruit was also fund at the same antique shop. I love
North European china and buy by bits and someday I would like to introduce them with the artists’ backgrounds. The
blue small plate with olive oil on the top of the yellow round plate is made by Royal Copenhagen. I enjoyed so much for
creating this table since I love the items very much. Please create your table with the things that you really like without
worrying ‘organized and storage’ thing. I am sure you would be very proud of yourself.
On the Table Today, gather ‘Love Items’.



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