July 26, 2011




磁器婚式のテーブル(July 18, 2011)は、主役のカップルにセレクションをお願いしました。彼女が選んでくれたのは2種類です。

Grand Cure Ambonnay Cuvee Trandition Brut (アンリ・ビリオ・フィス・グラン・クリュ・アンボボネイ・キュヴェ・トラディション・ブリュットNVとすでに舌をなんどもかみそうになってしまったジャンパーニュ地方のいわゆるシャンパンです。July 23のチーズ「ラングル」と同じ地方で相性がばっちりだと。「口当たりがマイルド、豊かでしっかりとした果実味を感じるワイン」というのがソムリエの方のおすすめ言葉とのこと。

Chatteau Cissac(シャトー・シサック)というボルドーのがっつんとしたフルボディの赤ワインです。「ヴェルヴェトのような舌触りを持ち、優しさと品格を備えた酸味とタンニンがクオリティを引き締め、余韻の長いワイン。」と。




Porcelain (the 20th) wedding anniversary: Drink ‘the moment from ON to OFF’
‘I live for this one drink!’ You must feel special when you taste the first drink at the night. It is difficult to imagine drinks
by reading/listening without tasting, so I want to drink now. Especially complicated French wine makes me feel that
way strongly. I asked the couple who is the central players for the night to pick some wines on the porcelain wedding
anniversary (July 18, 2011). She selected two kinds as follows; The first one was called Grand Cure Ambonnay
Cuvee Trandition Brut. This naming is easy for me to bite my tongue. This is the campaign from champagne area,
which is the same area as Langres, fresh cheese that I selected on July 23. The combination of the campaign
and cheese was the best. The sommelier told her that this campaign was very mild and contained rich pronounced
fruity flavor. The second wine was called Chatteau Cissac, a full-body heavy red wine, from Bourgogne.
The feeling on the tongue was as smooth as velvet; tenderness and dignity in tannin and mild sour taste boosted
its quality enjoying basking in the afterglow of its taste. I think it is hard to eat cheese alone as well as feel
not right to drink wine itself. But tasting both at the same time, it can stand out more generating fineness of
the combination of cheese and wine. Please drink wine along with cheese tonight.
On the Table Today, enjoy complicated French wine toward ‘Off’.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-26 06:39 | お酒 Drink

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