July 29, 2011



磁器婚式のテーブル(July 18, 2011)は、黄色をアクセントカラーに選んだし、さわやかな香りにしたかったので、グレープフルーツのエッセンシャルオイルを選び、シェルに5滴ふるかけました。





Porcelain (the 20th) wedding anniversary: Aroma ‘Grapefruit’
This is used for putting on aroma essential oil on the shell, which was given by one of our team members of my previous
company about 15 years ago, who bought it in south island. I have been used it carefully since then. I hope that she, a
cool slender lady, remember it. Since one of the accent colors of the table of porcelain wedding anniversary (July 18,
) was yellow as well as I would like to use fresh smell, I picked grapefruit essential oil and put 5 drops on the shell.
As you know, the aroma of grapefruit is sweet and fresh and it makes our heart and body refreshing. It is a light citrus
flavor extracted from grapefruit rind to be expressed.  It is said that grapefruit aroma picks you up, when you have been
feeling down as well as eases headache and feels refreshed. It is also good news to help your dieting. However there
is phototoxic skin reaction, so don’t receive direct sunlight after putting it on your skin. This aroma like cool fresh air at
the night makes us felt refreshing and it also helped making a good mood for the dinner.
On the Table Today, be with refreshing 'citrus fragrance'.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-29 06:33 | 香り Aroma

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