August 1, 2011

夏の和のテーブル: ままと一緒の「夏祭り」







Japanese Summer Table: ‘Summer Festival’ with Mammy
‘I will marry my mommy when I am an adult.’ or ‘I will spend the rest of my life protecting and loving my mommy!
‘Those boys’ words must be killing Mamas. I wish I could be a mother of a boy. If I could hear from my loving boy,
I would keep being with him all my life. Why not let him a mommy's boy or 'Mother-con? On the other hand,
girls are also nice to be with. Mothers can enjoy conversations with girls like friends. For summer table this time,
I coordinated the table called ‘Summer Festival’ at home for mothers and daughters. At the hot night with four ladies,
we thought about what was feature of summer in expanding our imaginations. Based on our ideas, I prepared
the words on strip of papers in advance. We decorated them at the table together and had a toast with ramune,
soda pops and beer. I think that women above 4 or 5 years old are all the same in terms of conversations and
issues. Therefore it was enjoyable enough being and talking together with the girls who are over elementary school.
It is very fun going out with the conventional style of ‘Summer Festival’, but don’t you think that it is also a good
idea for organizing ‘Summer Festival’ at home.
On the Table Today, enjoy ‘Summer Festival’ at home with Mammy.



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