August 17, 2011



ブルーボトルコーヒーショップ(Blue Bottle Coffee)という超カッコいいコーヒー専門店の「ロゴマーク」に目が釘付けになりました。



High End Selection Shops: ‘Ferry Building Marketplace’ San Francisco (California)
There are specialized shops anywhere such as Starbucks Coffee. However, the Ferry Building Marketplace is a little
different concept. I would say this is the REAL market place with COOL and High-End specialized shops offering
mushroom, olive oil, honey, greengrocery, meat, fish, and cheese (of course!) etc. Especially the very stylish ‘Logo
Mark’ of Blue Bottle Coffee caught my eyes. For lunch, we took out Calamari Fly from the local fish store and Pho,
Vietnamese cuisine at the waterfront terrace along San Francisco Bay and enjoying ocean smell. Office workers around
this area also enjoyed their lunch at the chic port town.
On the Table Today, feel good having lunch with ocean smell at the waterfront.



by miwakoda | 2011-08-17 06:26 | アメリカ America

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