September 1, 2011 重陽の節句で悠久の時を

重陽のテーブル:母とともに 『菊づくし』







Table for Chouyou (the Chrysanthemum Festival):With Mother ’Everything is based on Chrysanthemum’
I can’t believe it’s already in September. Time flies. My feeling is getting toward to autumn colors. Festival in autumn is
Chouyou (the Chrysanthemum Festival), which is one of five festival days in Japan. This festival on September 9 means
ninth day of the ninth month according to the lunar calendar and the festival originated from one in China falling on the
same day wishing longevity by drinking Chrysanthemum wine and water. In Japan, becoming popular for wishing
disease-free and eternal youth was in the Heian period, based on coming from the same tradition as China, by wiping
face and body with chrysanthemum wrapped by yellow cotton called ‘kisewata’. This was old-time skin lotion and body
lotion. Nowadays, ‘kisewata’ is sold as a Japanese sweet at this time. There is the Japanese sweets shop that sells
on only September 9. Until last year, we had celebrated the achievement of longevity for my grandmother who died at
the age of 104. From this year I and my mother, 72 years old, had a dinner for the Chrysanthemum Festival wishing my
mother’s longevity like my grandmother.
On the Table Today, wish eternal time with my mother.



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