September 17, 2011 アメリカン・カジュアルなおもてなし

ポットラックパーティー: 『アメリカン・カジュアル』





Potluck Party: ‘American Casual’
It seems that summer is ending but the lingering summer heat is intense. In that situation, we had a barbecue party at
home over the last weekend inviting colleagues. It could be the last barbecue for this year. It was very cozy ‘American
Casual’ as a potluck party having fun while appetizers. When entertaining, I liked to create a lively atmosphere by
yummy’ American wines and ‘new’ tableware that I bought in the US. It is good to have seating style dinner party, but
also fun to be with a buffet party so that we can talk with many people.
On the Table Today, entertain ‘American Casual’ style.

September 17, 2011 アメリカン・カジュアルなおもてなし_d0217103_651433.jpg


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