October 3, 2011 十三夜の夜食





Table for Otsukimi (looking up at the moon): Long Autumn Night ‘Waxing Gibbous’
Every year, there is a popular day to enjoy looking up at the full moon night (September 12 this year) called ‘Chyusyu
no Meigetsu’ or ‘Jyugoya’ to pray and make offerings of food such as rice dumpling, rice cake, Japanese silver grass
and taro potatoes. In Japan, there is another day to look up at the moon (October 8 this year). This custom is called
‘Ato no Tsuki’ or ‘Jyusanya’ (waxing gibbous), which date is one month later from ‘Jyugoya’ (the full moon night)
offering rice dumpling, sweet chestnut and green soybean. It is a day to celebrate the harvest in this year as Japan's
unique and traditional culture. It is come down the ages that looking up the moon for both days are important. Failure
to do so is believed to bring bad luck. I have heard that this was started from the red-light district to promote customers
to visit again. I was amazed to know that this is the origin of marketing communication activity. I have not looked up at
the moon much in living a busy life. However, I have decided to enjoy looking up at the moon and have a relaxed night
with late-evening snack with my love.
On the Table Today, have late-evening snack at a long autumn night.

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