November 8, 2011 秋の実りのテーブル

Thanksgiving Day(感謝祭)テーブル:秋の実りを楽しんで


アメリカやカナダでは11月の第4木曜日(カナダは10月2週目の月曜日)Thanksgiving Dayという「感謝祭」があり、日本のゴールデンウィークのような祝日になります。その夜は家族が集まる大規模な食事会になり、七面鳥の日(Turkey Day)とも呼ばれ、七面鳥にグレービーソースにマッシュポテトとやサツマイモのなどのお芋の料理を楽しみます。



Thanksgiving Day Table:Enjoy the autumn harvest
It has been many years since having dinner with sister’s house every weekend. The variety of dish becomes very rich
because brother in law started to go to culinary school. I am looking forward to eating his dish every weekend. In the
United States and Canada, there is Thanksgiving break like golden week in Japan on Thursday of the fourth week of
November (Monday of the second week of October in Canada). Family gathers and has a big Thanksgiving dinner at
the night enjoying Turkey with gravy and potato dish including mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Thanksgiving Day
is also called Turkey-Day. The feelings to celebrate the autumn harvest are the same in any countries. There is no
Turkey but I enjoy the autumn harvest dishes made by the brothers.
On the Table Today, celebrate the autumn harvest with family.



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