November 9, 2011 ウォーレン・マッケンジー(Warren MacKenzie)

Thanks Giving Day(感謝祭)テーブル: ウォーレン・マッケンジー(Warren MacKenzie) 

秋になると夏に大活躍したガラスや磁器よりも陶器のぬくもりが恋しくなります。Thanks Giving Day(感謝祭) テーブル
November 8, 2011)では、ずっとファンのウォーレン・マッケンジー(Warren MacKenzie)氏の作品を使いました。





Thanks Giving Day Table: Warren MacKenzie 
When autumn comes, you may want to use earthenware more than porcelain china or glasses that were often used
during summer because earthenware makes you feel warm. Therefore, on Thanks Giving Day Table (November 8, 2011),
I have selected to use the earthenware pieces of Warren MacKenzie whom I have been a fan. Warren MacKenzie who
was born 1924 is a North American craft potter. MacKenzie studied with Bernard Leach His simple, wheel-thrown
functional pottery is heavily influenced by the oriental aesthetic of Shoji Hamada and Kanjiro Kawai. He is attributed with
bringing the Japanese Mingei style of pottery to Minnesota, fondly referred to as the "Mingeisota style." MacKenzie has
described his goal as the making of "everyday" pots. When I first met his pieces was about 15 years ago at ‘KIRAKU’
gallary in Hiromo and bought many at that time. I was so much impressed by his work and visited his studio in
Minnesota He showed me his studio and kiln. He also housed a showroom on his property. The showroom operated
strictly on the "honor system" whereby pots were marked with price stickers and visitors would pay for pots by placing
their money in a wicker basket. I also bought his pieces back to Japan. Although his pots are found in major museums
and command high prices among collectors, his belief as making of “everyday” pots stays the same. I am impressed by
him since I can’t easily obtain his masterpieces now.
On the Table Today, have a delicious meal with “Mingeisota style” earthenware.



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