November 13, 2011 『ミンゲイソタ』の大皿

Thanks Giving Day(感謝祭) テーブル:フィギュア『ミンゲイソタ』

Thanks Giving Day(感謝祭) テーブル (November 8, 2011)では、のウォーレン・マッケンジー(November 9)の鉢に、炊き立て松茸ごはんをひきたててくれるおかずを入れました。漆塗りの手作りの台の上にのせた作品の中には、新ジャガイモ、キノコ類、ギンナンなど秋の実りを楽しみます。ウォーレン・マッケンジーの大皿には、松茸ごはんをたっぷりいれて。



Thanks Giving Day Table: Figure ‘Mingeisota style’
On Thanks Giving Day Table (November 8, 2011), bawls made by Warren MacKenzie (November 9) were filled with
autumn harvest side dishes such as new potatoes, mushrooms and ginko nuts and that complemented the main dish,
sticky rice. Rice cooked with matsutake-mushrooms was in the large plate that was also made by Warren MacKenzie.
The candle holders also were also one of his masterpieces. Candle lights always make us feel warm. The total
atmosphere used by the arts by Warren MacKenzie with his style of spacious and beauty of green body generated
a relaxed air.
On the Table Today, enjoy ‘Mingeisota style’.



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