December 6, 2011 忘年会





Winter Solstice Table: Wishing your happiness
It has been a long time that I haven’t have a chance to see one of my friends. She sent me an e-mail telling that she
would marry to a Swiss guy and go to Swiss. The day she got proposed was the second time that they saw each
other. She seems so happy. I think that Europe is a good place for her to live in. The Winter Solstice or Midwinter
occurs December 22nd this year. It is the shortest day time in the year. The Winter Solstice is one of twenty-four
Japanese Festivals (Nijyu-yon Sekku). A little earlier for the Winter Solstice day, but we decided to have ‘an end-of-year
party’ as well as celebrate her new start taking off for Europe in January 7th at the Winter Solstice Table with three good
On the Table Today, have a top up to celebrate for her bright future.



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