January 8, 2012 和のビジュアルで

お正月のテーブル: アロマ『メリッサ(レモンバーム)』

お正月のテーブル(January 1, 2012)は、お花(January 4)でつかったポリゴナムに金の砂をいれました。そこに、メリッサ




New Year’s Table: Aroma ‘Melissa (Lemon balm)’
On New Year’s Table (January 1, 2012), a couple of aroma oil was put in the gold sand with Polygonum capitatum.
Fragrance with ‘Melissa (Lemon balm)’ is freshscent as lemon and grass in that I have used on flower arrangement
(January 4). If I can describe what the overall atmosphere, sacred and freshness when listing to the bells on New Year's
Eve smells like Melissa (Lemon balm). Since this is New Year’s day, let us enjoy Japanese taste in aroma as well.
On the Table Today, be with fresh fragrance with Japanese visual.



by miwakoda | 2012-01-08 08:00 | 香り Aroma

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