March 6, 2013 リネン『パンタロン』


バレンタインズデイのテーブル: リネン『パンタロン』

バレンタインズデイ(St. Valentine’s day)のテーブル(February 23, 2013)では、パンタロンというナプキンの折り方で、その間にハートのフィギュアを飾りました。ナプキンも熱くね。


Between today and March 12, the event for launching Meissen new china will be organized 1st floor at Mitsukoshi,
Nihonbashi called ‘Play in Japan’. The table coordination for the new china was arranged by MIWA KODA STUDIO.
Whenever you have a time, please visit there.

Table for St. Valentine‘s day: Linen ‘a pair of pantaloons’
For the Table for St. Valentine’s day(February 23, 2013), the napkin was folded like a pair of pantaloons. The heart figure
was also located on the napkin for arranging the hot night.
On the Table Today, show the passion.



by miwakoda | 2013-03-06 06:50 | リネン Linen

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