March 9, 2013 レッスン後記 妖艶な香りをくらべました。


バレンタインズデイのテーブル: アロマ『妖艶な香り』
2月のOne Day Lessonでは、妖艶な香りニ種類を比べました。男性が女性を最も感じるという『花の中の花』というニックネームのイランイランととても高貴な香りのローズです妖艶な香りがスタジオに広がりました。


Until March 12, the event for launching Meissen new china will be organized 1st floor at Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi called
Play in Japan’. The table coordination for the new china was arranged by MIWA KODA STUDIO. Whenever you have
a time, please visit there.

Table for St. Valentine‘s day: Aroma ‘Voluptuous Fragrance’
At February One Day Lesson, two different types of sexy fragrance were compared. One is said that men feel really
women by smelling the fragrance called ylang-ylangIran which name is ‘flower among flowers. The other is royal fragrance
called rose. Two voluptuous fragrances were in the Studio.
On the Table Today, enjoy the voluptuous fragrances.



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