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July 12, 2011

七夕のテーブル:音楽 『織姫さまのうた』

'You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To' 織姫さま、やはりこの歌しかないでしょ。彦星さまが来てくれてきっと「あなたがここに戻ってきてくれてうれしいわ」と。

むかし日本のジャズシンガーの阿川康子さんが歌ってるのを聞いてうっとりとした記憶のあるこの歌は、本家本元「ニューヨークのため息」のニックネームをもつHelen Merrill(ヘレン・メリル)のアルバムを選びました。この色っぽさは、ブルースの女王の青江三奈さんみたい。(古い?)


You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To/Helen Merrill

You'd be so nice to come home to
You'd be so nice by the fire
While the breeze on high sang a lullaby
You'd be all that I could desire

Under stars chilled by the winter
Under an August moon burnin' above
You'd be so nice, you'd be paradise
To come home to and love



TANABATA (Star Festival): Music ‘the song for the Weaver’
For the Weaver, again, ‘You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To’ is for her. She must sing to the Cowherd that I am so
happy you were here. I remember this song by Yasuko Agawa and was loving this sexy song long time ago. For the
night, I have chosen the song by Helen Merrill whose nickname is ‘New York sigh’. This sexy voice is like Mina Aoe
who was called Blue’s Queen. (Old?) The word of this song is simple that I am so delightful because you come back
home and be with me in cold winter and hot summer, and you mean everything to me.

You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To/Helen Merrill

You'd be so nice to come home to
You'd be so nice by the fire
While the breeze on high sang a lullaby
You'd be all that I could desire

Under stars chilled by the winter
Under an August moon burnin' above
You'd be so nice, you'd be paradise
To come home to and love.

Please whisper this song at your special one’s ear. He or she must be surprised at.
On the Table Today, be with a lullaby.



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July 11, 2011




イランイランのうっとりとするような香の効能は、本来の女性性を解き放ち、官能的な高揚感を感じ、かつ、安心感を与えてくれるというから、July 7の山上億良(やまのうえのおくら)の和歌にもってこいでじゃない。織姫さまの夜にはこれしかない、と。

アロマ関連のお店でいいなと思うブランドのひとつに、MARKS &WEBがあります。オーガニックのコンセプトとシンプルなデザインが好きです。この夜使ったアロマライトは、お水をはって電気で拡散させるタイプです。あっという間に「花の中の花」の香が広がりました。



TANABATA (Star Festival): Aroma ‘The Flower in Flowers’
What a sexy nickname ‘The Flower in Flowers is. This is like the same meaning as ‘the man among men’or ‘the women
in women’, which is one of the best complements, isn’t it? The beautiful nickname is for Cananga odorata which smell
is very sweet and makes us feel in exotic south countries. This ravishingly beautiful smell is good for releasing your
femininity, building an uplifting arousing feeling and being filled with a sense of ease. This is the one for the Weaver’s
night as Yamanoue no Okura’s poet on July 7. One of my favorite Aroma stores is called MARKS&WEB. I like their
organic concept and simple design. I used an electric type of aroma light diffuser with water for the night from the shop.
The smell of ‘The Flower in Flowers’ is diffused in a moment at that night. This aroma is also told to have effect on
firming the skin, so this would be a strong supporter of mature women. Try it.
On the Table Today, be with the ravishingly beautiful smell.



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July 10, 2011


七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)では、織姫さまのかわいらしさを思い、キュートな丸いボトルのOGO(オゴ)という酸素水を選びました。







TANABATA (Star Festival): Water ‘Chubby’
On the TANABATA table (July 4, 2011), thinking about the cute Weaver, I have selected OGO Oxygen water with
its cute chubby bottle. Oxygen water is added additional oxygen to regular water. Oxygen is saying that it helps
blood flow smoothly, When you are tired, on diet, have stress and/or want to focus, it also help you. At that night,
we drank a red OGO Oxygen sparkling water. It is very easy to drink with middle-hard water (165) containing minerals.
Sparkling was not too strong as well. The water was extracted from Tilburg of Holland and was added 35times of
Oxygen, is one of the best Oxygen waters in the world that advertising said. It captured my mind and make me thought
that I might be get result after continuously drink that water. But more over what it impacted on me was the concept of
the bottle that is no need to have glass. That is made by ORA-ITO, a recent hot product designer in France. This
bottle is a pet bottle type but seems like glass beauty, which is small and stylish. It is so cute being on the table so
you do not need a glass. Please try it. If you do not like sparkling water, there is still water available.
On the Table Today, be with stylish and cute water.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-10 05:19 | お水 Water

July 9, 2011 2nd


June 25にコンクリートが敷き詰められてから、土台が立ち上がりました。基本のレイアウト通りの立ち上がり。はやく完成してほしいな。 
(July 9は、次ページに1stもあります。併せて読んでください!)

Since the concrete covered the land on June 25, the foundation of the house started to be built based on the basic
layout. I can hardly wait till I can see the completion.
(Along this page, please go back to the previous page since July 9 has two stories.)



by miwakoda | 2011-07-09 16:17 | スタジオ建築 Architecture

July 9, 2011

七夕のテーブル:お酒 『ロマンティックなカリフォルニアワイン』

なんとなく、好んで飲むお酒きまっているでしょ。新世界のワインが好き。ぶどうの品種ごとにわかれていてわかりやすいし、フランスのような伝統がない分、いろんなイノベーションの真髄を楽しめるから。特にカリフォルニアのナパバレーのワインは素晴らしいです! カリフォルニアのワインは、パリ対決で2回もフランスのワインに勝った歴史もあるんだよ。

七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)では、甘々の織姫にちなんで、こんな素敵なブランデーボトルのようなカリフォルニアのロゼワインを飲みました。これは『ゴッドファーザー』で有名なフランシス・フォード・コッポラのナパバレーのワイナリーのものです。





TANABATA (Star Festival): Drink ‘Romantic California Wine’
Without any big reason, however, you must have favorable kind of drinks. I do like wine made in the New World.
It is easy to understand because wine is based on a single kind of grape. I also enjoy their innovative ideas
since they do not need to stick in the history like France. Especially, Napa Valley in California provides excellent
wines! California’s wine won at Paris encounter twice. On the TANABATA table (July 4, 2011), I selected one of the
best California Rose wines with a neat bottle like stick in based on the sweet & sweet Weaver’s feelings.
This is from a winery of Francis Ford Coppola, whose movie is so famous called ‘the Godfather’, in Napa Valley.
Such a romantic, sweet shape and color wine is named ‘Sofia’ on the etiquette. Sofia is his daughter who directed
the Academy Awarded movie called ‘Lost in Translation’ in 2003. You might see the movie described loneliness at
a high-end hotel in Tokyo along with Shinjuku from the non-Japanese stand point of view. This was very unique and
fresh description about Japan. This, romantic wine bottle with sexy and cute etiquette, is one way of
an expression of father’s love. Feeling and enjoying lots of love at TANABATA, I believe the shy Weaver also
had a great time on the cloud at gloomy TANABATA night.
On the Table Today, express your love with ‘Romantic California Wine’.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-09 07:04 | お酒 Drink

July 8, 2011









TANABATA (Star Festival): Figure ‘Goshiki Somen (Five-color Japanese vermicelli)

When I was a child, my mother told me that you could play after you totally complete the things that you should.’ Or,
if you are a mother now, you might tell your children the same phrase. Putting aside their deep love from now, that is
a famous story that TANABATA has started based on the Weaver’s attitude neglecting her weaving because she was
so lovesick. Meanwhile, people wish proficiency in writing for men and that in sewing for women in TANABATA.
Therefore, when I was a child, I drew on a strip of paper, ‘I would be smarter!’ Those five color combination is told to
remove the negative vibes, there is also a tradition to eat Goshiki Somen at TANABATA day. Goshiki Somen, having
370year-history, is produced in Matsuyama, which is famous of Dogo hot springs. Notable people such as Chikamatsu
Monzaemon and Masaoka Shiki loved it very much prizing not only the taste but also beautiful figure as if dancing heat
haze. I think that Goshiki Somen looks so pretty. It must be fun making slurping noises while eating together.
Thinking above that, I prepare for Goshiki Somen for the graceful silver bowls, not cold Somen, hot one called ‘Newmen’.
Try ‘Newmen’ in this hot summer.
On the Table Today, be hot both your mind and body.



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July 7, 2011

七夕のテーブル:ファーストセッティング 『ストライクゾーンへ』

七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)のファーストセッティングでは、萌木色の折敷に色ガラスの三色の星くずをかざりました。それぞれの色がきらきらしてきれい。



『天の川 相向き立ちて わがこひし 君来ますなり 紐解き設けな(天の川に向かってずっと思いをつのらせていた、ほら、もうすぐ彼がくるみたい。紐をほどいておかなくちゃ。)』




TANABATA (The Star Festival): First Setting ‘To Strike Zone’
TANABATA (The Star Festival): First Setting ‘To Strike Zone’
As the first setting on TANABATA Table (July 4, 2011), three colors with shinny glass are on the yellow-green place
mat. It is so beautiful glittering in the light. This is summer, so Nasu no nibitashi (boiled eggplant with soup) on the
glass-made bamboo leaf plate is prepared. Wishing for TANABATA is also included bing thankful for a good harvest
of summer vegetables. Its welcome drink is handmade plum wine by the Weaver. Beside the plate, there are
Washi as strips of quiet colored papers for their wished on. What would they wish about? A waka poetry by
Yamanoue no Okura in the early 1500s expressed the feelings of the Weaver. ‘Amanokawa Aimukitachite Wagakoishi
Kiminkimasunari Himotokimakena. (I have been ardently in love with and dying to see the Cowherd toward the Milky
Way. Now he is coming to visit me, so I have to take off my band.)’ The poet gave a description of the Weaver’s
girl’s mind who has been waiting for the moment with an excited heart beat. The band of the clothes indicates in their
own heart, which is a proof of love. Expressing her straight and deep feelings must get in touch with the Cowherd’s
feelings. I believe that a dream comes true if you wish harder. Please jot off your straight wishes enjoying TANABATA
On the Table Today, pitch a ‘Straight Ball’.



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July 6, 2011


七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)では、大人っぽく、熱く、そして雅なテーブルを演出したかった。だから、普通の笹ではなくて、少しこった天の川と短冊を演出しました。


総製作時間は、10時間くらいかかりってしまいました。こちらのお花の指導も前回の入梅のテーブル(May 29, 2011)同様、尊敬する花工房胡桃の先生です。先生の工房は、いるだけで外国にいるような異空間を感じます。




TANABATA (The Star Festival): Flower ‘Milky Way’
On TANABATA Table (July 4, 2011), I wanted to create something cool, hot but tranquil Japanese style table. Therefore,
the Milky Way and strips of five colors are different from the regular conventional bamboo decorations. In the middle,
wooden bridge is the Milky Way, which was created chunk of wood with one piece by one piece joining up by wire.
Shinny color glass is put on and in the cylinders, which colors are indigo blue, dark red and yellow-green as accent
color on the Milky Way. In front of the Milky Way, there is stardust like river reflecting on. Yellow orchid with leafy plant
makes it very modern. It takes me about 10 hours to complete. I have learnt from HANAKOBO KURUMIas the flower
arrangement on Rainy Season Table (May 29, 2011). I like their arts and the atelier, a special space like foreign
country, very much. Stardust is beautiful, but I think this is tear-stardust of the Weaver, sobbing and shining who can’t
see the Cowherd. She would be weeping with the emotion of joy bringing together. The day on July 7 will come
tomorrow. I wish they would see each other very soon without any rain.
On the Table Today, lap over the love feelings.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-06 06:17 | お花 Flower

July 5, 2011

七夕のテーブル:色彩 『シックなトーン』

七夕のテーブル(July 4, 2011)は、織姫様と彦星さまは、二人でいるだけで幸せあつあつだから、和と大人の夜を演出するために、全体はシックなトーンでおさえました。






TANABATA (The Star Festival): Color ‘The Five Colors’
On TANABATA Table (July 4, 2011), the Weaver and the Cowherd were hot enough and so happy, so I used the chic
tone color entirely for staging to look a Japanese and tranquil atmosphere. TANABATA is famous for the five colored
strip of papers (blue, red, yellow, white and black/purple). Those colors are used for Japanese festivals yearly,
because those color combination is told to remove the negative vibes. For the table, based on the five colors, black
as base color, young bamboo color as assort color and indigo blue, dark red and yellow-green as accent color are used.
For Japanese style of table coordination, using cloudy colors is the point. ‘Cool’ atmosphere can be shown even with
many colorful hues. For TANABATA table, strips of four vivid colored including red, yellow, green and purple along with
skimming net and bamboo tree are conventional way to coordinate, your children would be happy with it. However,
please use the cloudy colors with many hues for your TANABATA table this year so that you can enjoy its feeling with
grandeur and tranquil.
On the Table Today, feel the color of Japanese beauty: a tranquil atmosphere unfolds.



by miwakoda | 2011-07-05 06:13 | 色彩 Color

July 4, 2011

七夕のテーブル: 『ひさびさの熱い夜』







TANABATA (The Star Festival): Long Time No See, so Hot Night, PLEASE
According to Chinese legend, a god separated a pair of stars that were lovers. Because the Weaver (Vega) was so
Love sick for the Cowherd (Altair) she neglected her weaving, so the god put the Milky Way between them. The Weaver
and the Cowherd are still in love and are allowed to see across the Milky Way once a year, on July 7. Don’t you think
how pity it is…….I don’t have such a bitter experience like Cinderella Express, an old advertisement of JR in Japan, it
must be hard to maintain long distance love relationships. I have decided to create a TANABATA table thinking of the
Weaver and the Cowherd for let them have a sweet and hot night. They can’t see often, their seats are beside each
other so that they can give them a long look closely as well as hold their hands. For tonight, regarding my real life, I will
have also spent a nice night with my partner. I may be able to say something special words in a romantic mood by pink
candles. You also might be very busy and can’t have a quality and relaxed time with your partner. Please have a
sweet and hot night for the Weaver and Cowherd.
On the Table Today, have a ‘hot night’ with your special one.



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